Every year, every summer is about the work of the year half through, and all staff are looking forward to the day to meet, be exchanged, be immersed in the game, the league through EXCELLENT ACTIVITIES OF THE YEAR. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to wearing G-Fortune uniforms that are extremely youthful and dynamic, and I am the same, feeling like a child who is growing, living proud moments. inspiration and enthusiasm together. So, I always remind myself to try to work well to be worthy of all the good that G-Fortune have.

Everyone gathered at the beach

At 13:30 PM on Jul 30th 2017, all 07 passenger cars were collected on time to pick up the entire Board of Directors of the company and 200 employees in the company derived from the Cau Rao Bridge and Lach Tray Raod go straight to the Area of  No 2 Do Son Beach. Everyone is beautiful, healthy, laughing, stronger and follow all regulations. Most in the strict management of all levels, the leader. The self-consciousness of all employees in our company is commendable and commendable, worthy of collective spirit in the G-Fortune Family culture. Everything from preparing on time, have dinner, cheering tools, game content to participate in extra courses menu, music show are prepared very carefully and extremely professional. Extra-curricular activities The summer of 2017 and the first six months of 2017 will be held on a beautiful Sunday afternoon on Do Son Beach, a romantic zone with white sand and the waves of the sea hearty people. We are really happy, lucky and very appreciate the wonderful moments and meaning that G-Fortune brings to everyone.

Firstly, General Director of G-Fortune Company Mr Xu Ming delivered a speech encouraging the spirit of fun and competition of the teams in the atmosphere is extremely fun and exciting, everyone listens attentively. With the cheers of praise with the wonderful speech of the CEO of the company.

General Director of G-Fortune Company Mr Xu Ming delivered a speech encouraging the spirit of fun

After that, all G-Fortune employees and employees will arrange and perform the following games in accordance with the following rules:


The company is divided into 6 teams, each team consists of 10 people (5 participants), direct competition, 03 teams won the final round of the first, second and third prize.

Team 1 includes: MnR Dept at Dinh Vu area (Captain by Mr Hung)

Team 2 includes: Depot Operations Dept  1 + 3 (Captain by Mr Duong)

Team 3 includes: Inspections Dept 1 + 3 (Captain by Mr Chien)

Team 4 includes: Depot 1 of MnR Dept(Captain by Mr Phuc)

Team 5 includes: Depot 3 of MnR Dept (Captain by Mr Thuan)

Team 6 includes: Offficer Dept (Captain by Mr Ky)

Everyone prepares for the first game

The battle is very strong between the parties

Tug game is really a great game, bring the most impressive in each of us. This game expresses the unity between the members of a group, in the collective to unite a heart to bring glorious victory to everyone.


Participating in the game of pounding will consist of 06 teams, each team of 08 people and appoint 01 strong and healthy people lying down on the sand for the other members to run and use the butt, hand, blow-up the ball. On the member's side lie down so that the balloon must explode. Each time the explosion is a point calculation and similar to the first, second and third prize.

G-Fortune girls and boys are healthy

The boys prepared in a very strange way


Everyone had a very happy dinner together

Enjoy dinner with BOD and souvenir photograph

Enjoy dinner with BOD and souvenir photograph

The images record the memorable, unforgettable memories with the company leaders and dear colleagues. From the day of launching in the beginning of 2017, each employee of each department has always tried his best to complete the work assigned, determined to exceed his best plan. The last six months of the year has been the journey of the sweat and energy of our G-Fortune collective. Difficulties and challenges of the outside are no longer barriers that have become a great motivation for our G-Fortune to achieve the highest results, the best to bring the G-Fortune over. Every big wave goes to the shore of happiness. G-Fortune will forever be the common home of all of us, a safe and wonderful landing to perfect our dreams.

Sincerely thanks! 

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